Finance Department

Why you need Accountant?
Why hire Full-Time Accountant when you can get Outsourced?

What are the Skills / Responsibility by each Level?

Skills / Responsibility

Accounts Assistant

Accounts Executive


Finance Manager


Focus on ….



Present to Future

Data entry for Day-to-day transaction

Posting Journal Entry

Bank Reconciliation


Monitoring Receivables / Payables



Review work done by data entry personnel

Guide accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities

Prepare Financial Statements


Financial Ratio Analysis and recommend actions


Forecast and Budget


Secures financial information by completing database backups


Well verse with relevant law, regulation and the changes,
E.g. Companies Act, GST Act, Income Tax Act, RPGT Act, Labour Act, EIS Act etc.


Shareholding Planning


Succession Planning

Funding and liaise with financier


Bursa Listing Requirement



First, Finance Department (FD) vs. Accounts Department. (AD)

FD includes AD.

AD is part of FD.

Second, The position / level in FD generally includes



Accountant (A)

Accounts Executive (AE)

Accounts Assistant (AA)