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Above services will be provided by the following entities of the CNPS Group
  • CHONG Accounting PLT a limited liability partnership (LLP0018966-LCA) and a MIA Firm (NF1817), CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, an affiliate of CNPS Group
  • CNPS Advisory PLT, a limited liability partnership (LLP0002391-LGN) and A member of CNPS Group 
  • CNPS Corporate Services PLTa limited liability partnership (LLP0020376-LGN) and A member of CNPS Group 
  • CNPS Tax Advisory Sdn Bhd (1329306-P) and A member of CNPS Group

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We also recommend and support
 SQL Accounting & SQL Payroll
for those like Desktop-Based environment
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Founder, Managing Partner, Mr Chong Kong Hui MIA Member No 25067
Partner, Mr Ong Teck Ho MIA Member No 23599